Membangun Ketahanan Keluarga dan SDM Indonesia Berkualitas


March 20th, 2012


Latihan soal :

  1. Families can be seen from many point of view, each one providing a different aspect of the reality to be found in family contexts. How many disciplines involved in family studies and  write at least  eight (8)  its illustrative studies.
  2. Family development borrows its lenses from a number of disciplines. Write some of concepts and  its discipline.
  3. Describe your opinion that “family development provides a predictive glass through which it is possible to forecast what a given family will going through at any period  in its life-span”


 Summary of Family Development :

  1. Keeps The Family In Focus Throughout Its History
  2. Sees Family Member In Interaction With All Other Member
  3. Watches How Individuals Affect The Family Unit and The Way Family Influences Individual Development
  4. Catches What A Given Family Is Going Through At A Particular Time In Its Life And At Given Point In History
  5. Highlights Critical Periods Of Personal And Family Growth And Development
  6. View Both The Universals And The Differences Among Families
  7. Beams In On The Ways In Which The Culture Influences Family Life, And How Families Make Themselves Felt
  8. Provides A Predictive Glass Through Which It Is Possible To Forecast What A Given Family Will Going Through At Any Period In Its Life-span
  9. Family Development Sees Family Members In Paired Positions Such As Husband-wife, Mother-daughter, Father-son, Brother-sister, Grandmother-grandchild, And So Forth
  10. Family Development Sees The Orderly Sequential Changes To Be Expected In Growth, Development, And Dissolution Or Decline Within Families Throughout The Entire Family Life Cycle




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Membangun Ketahanan Keluarga dan SDM Indonesia Berkualitas